interior design / product design

The Protestant church of St. Georg had an innovative idea: instead of procuring institutional furniture for their youth center, the young people and the congregation were to build it themselves. In collaboration with BFGF, building instructions were drawn up, which were used to build solid wooden furniture together in workshops. Thanks to a generous donation from a timber merchant, it was possible to use high-quality solid wood. In addition to the young people, members of the community and the neighborhood also took part in the collaborative work.

Photo: Olaf Tamm


In a little play on words, the original idea was born to use Japanese conical dowels as "pins" and to call on the community to donate these "pins". Parishioners were able to purchase these dowels at a low cost and install them in the furniture themselves during the workshops. This creative campaign not only resulted in individual pieces of furniture, but also strengthened the community and cohesion of the church congregation.