Foundation of Circular Design Hub

Hey, here we are !!! 

We are looking forward to the future. Because we believe that it is pink. Because we are certain that it can be shaped.

The founding act has been completed and the Circular Design Hub was officially launched yesterday

BFGF Design Studios | Gerrit Kuhn, Sebastian Mends-Cole, Eric Pfromm  –  CompriseTec | Christian Keun  –  epea | Markus Diem –  Mutterdesign | Carsten Buck  –  Ohohmom Ethical Sportswear | Jenne Mustermann  –  Roomfor | Theresa Deeg sind die ersten Mitstreiter:innen, die über Fachgebiete hinweg gemeinsam an Projekten der Kreislaufwirtschaft arbeiten wollen. 

For us, design as a driver of success is at the center. Now we are eager to get started

Schaut gern auf unserer Internetseite vorbei !

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